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Have you recently started to learn a new language and are looking for beginner level storybooks with short texts and explanations to help you understand the content of the story and the structure of the language?

Are you an intermediate level student who would like to dive into an interesting but easy to understand story? 

Do you speak your target language well and are looking for novels written by popular fiction writers?

On the “Learn Languages with Stories” website, you can find short stories with vocabulary help, book reviews and language learning tips.  

Learn Languages with Stories

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Learn Languages with Stories

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Am Mittwoch fühlt Giulia sich nicht wohl. Sie hat Kopfschmerzen und ihr ist kalt. Sie macht sich einen Tee und setzt sich mit einer Decke aufs Sofa. Sie muss husten und ihre Nase läuft. Sie holt sich Taschentücher aus dem Badezimmer.
Ádám sétál az utcán, amikor találkozik a nagymamájával. A nagymamája éppen a piacra megy, kosarat fog a kezében. Ádám megkérdezi, kell-e segítség a nagymamának. A nagymama megrázza a fejét, és rámosolyog Ádámra.
Nonna Nella parla molto della sua infanzia in Italia, e Paola ama ascoltare le sue storie: per questo, fin da bambina, Paola ha un grande desiderio: “Voglio vedere l'Italia!” L'Italia è lontana dagli Stati Uniti, e Paola ha paura di volare in aereo, ma vuole andare in Europa!
Oana locuiește aproape de centrul orașului. În același apartament locuiește cu cea mai bună prietenă, Alina. Ea la fel are 30 de ani. Oana și Alina au mers împreună la școală. Alina este profesoară. Ea predă limba română și istoria la un liceu. Astăzi este Luni. Oana este în drum spre serviciu.

Learn Languages with Stories - German A1

Carla aus Italien - Graded Reader German A1

Meet Carla, a 20-year old girl from Italy who plans to spend a couple of months in Munich to improve her German and look for a summer job. In 20 short chapters, you’ll learn about Carla’s family, her daily routines and some special events. Easy-to-read texts and dialogues will quickly give you a feeling for the language. 

Click here if you would like to listen to the audio recordings.

Learn Languages with Stories
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