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About 90 millions of people speak German as their native language in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as minorities in neighbouring countries.  German is considered to be difficult to learn because of its grammar and sentence structure which is pretty different from English although both English and German belong to the same language family. However, they are similarities, of course. As Germany has Europe’s strongest economy, it’s also attractive for job seekers. Although it is nowadays possible to find a job speaking only English, a good command of German will definitely increase your chances on the job market. If you intend to travel or live in Switzerland, you may become frustrated, though. Even for native German speakers, Swiss German is very difficult to understand. If there were a written form of Swiss German, it would be classified as a language of its own.  If you’d also like to practice your spoken German (for example by talking about the contents of the latest graded reader you’ve read), look for an online German teacher on italki. 

Graded readers German

If you like stories but are not yet ready to tackle literature, graded readers are a great way to get started. They are often written by dedicated language teachers and will not only help you to boost your language skills but are also a great way to find out more about the culture, history and geography of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

Ein Sommer in Heidelberg Graded Reader German B1

Ein Sommer in Heidelberg

by Daniela Fries | For Intermediate Learners (B1)

In the beautiful historic city of Heidelberg, a German best-selling author has an idea for the café he frequents daily and the lives of two young women change drastically. 

The story is complemented by key vocabulary German – English, comprehension questions, vocabulary and grammar exercises and includes free audio recordings. 

Please search for “Ein Sommer in Heidelberg Graded Reader German” if you’d like to buy the book at your local Amazon site. In some countries, it may only be available for kindle but not as a paperback. 

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